Nov 272014
Understanding the Online Voice of the Patient About HIV

We’ve come a long way in the treatment of HIV/AIDS. Governments around the world now recognize the disease as a critical health issue. Numerous international advocacy organizations have helped this charge as well – on international, national, state and local levels. Now, each year, on the first day of December, countries around the world observe […]

Oct 142014
The Voice of the Patient About Breast Cancer

What can we learn from breast cancer patients online? Apparently a lot. A Treato analysis reveals that breast cancer is the most widely discussed cancer among patients and caregivers on the Internet, with more than 1 million posts generated so far. Not surprising given that breast cancer is also the second most commonly diagnosed of […]

Sep 082014
Understanding the Patient Voice Online

When you’re in the business of understanding the patient voice, every day is different. At Treato we see this reflected in the vast numbers of patient discussions our algorithms automatically aggregate, index and analyze for deep patient insights daily. That’s because the patient voice is ever changing, as new therapies are introduced, market dynamics change […]

Jun 192014
Who is winning the race in the obesity wars?

Social media insights indicate more Patients Using Qsymia Report Better Weight Loss Results It is estimated that more than one-third of U.S. adults are obese which is driving obesity-related conditions including heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancers. Based on CDC data, the estimated annual medical cost of obesity in the […]

Jun 112014
Taking the Patient Voice Even Further with V3

Yesterday’s release of Treato IQ Version 3 shows just how far we’ve come in the nearly two years since launch. So far in fact we even changed the name of the platform to Treato IQ. Much of this has to do with everything we’ve learned from our customers along the way. R&D is a critical […]

Jun 092014
Hello, My Name is Treato IQ

Our flagship patient intelligence platform designed for pharma and health science professionals has a new name: Treato IQ. Since its launch at the end of 2012, we have continuously worked on improving our product, then called Treato Pharma, and making it better aligned with the needs of our healthcare customers. Thanks to their input and […]

Feb 192014
Big Data Analytics: Why is it so hard to make sense of it?

These days, the term “Big Data” is often used to describe practically anything that involves addition or multiplication – from human genome decoding, or analysis of petabytes of data on commercial transactions, to calculating the bill at the local grocery store. The challenges with the analytics of Big Data are different from the ones that deal with the processing and storage of it. This post sheds some light on how Treato approaches the data science behind big data.

Feb 142014
ePharma Summit: Will Pharma Ever REALLY Embrace and Understand Real World Online Patient Conversations?

This week several of us from Treato spent time exhibiting, listening and mingling at ePharma Summit, one of the foremost conferences for pharmaceutical marketers. It was rewarding to reconnect with many of our clients, partners and friends, and to find ourselves immersed in all the positive buzz about the patient voice. We observed three key […]

Jan 222014
Early Warning Signs for ADHD Medications from Social Media Intelligence

At Treato we have a habit of checking the data when important industry news happens. It fascinates us to see that what patients are saying on social media often illuminates, confirms or portends what is  happening in the therapeutic landscape. So when the FDA warning for medications using methylphenidate came out last month that’s what […]