May 282015
CDC’s First National Study on Hispanic Health Risks & How Multicultural Marketing Can Help

The news is out on Hispanic health and it’s mixed, according to the new CDC report . In spite of its dry, scientific language, this comprehensive document reflects the day-to-day lives of the largest demographic sub-segment of the American population after Caucasians — nearly 53 million people according to the December 2014 US census. The Good Read more

May 272015
Do Statins Cause Diabetes?

A recent study conducted within our military health system suggests a link between statins and an increased risk of Type 2 Diabetes.  These cholesterol-lowering drugs are among the most heavily prescribed medications in the world, so with growing evidence they may be playing a role in the alarmingly high rates of diabetes, tiny alarms are sounding off everywhere within Read more

May 212015
Hey Pharma, Is your Organization Truly Patient Centric?

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to attend the MM&M Skill Set event in NYC. The half day meeting “Changing Tide of Non-Personal Promotion,” brought together key pharma members to discuss how advances in analytics can help restructure the way you think about patient centricity at your organization. This allows marketers to glean robust insights about audiences, Read more

May 182015
Expecting Moms: Never Worry About Rubella Again

A decades-long fight has just been won, and if you’re pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant, you’ll be overjoyed to hear what it is. Rubella has finally been stamped out in the Americas – that includes North, Central, and South America, all officially declared rubella-free by the Pan American division of the World Health Organization (WHO) Read more

May 112015
May is Bike Month

There’s nothing quite as liberating as riding a bicycle in the Spring air after a long, cold winter. Perhaps that’s why May has been named National Bike Month.  That’s when communities from coast to coast celebrate the joy of bicycling and proclaim the many benefits of riding, in hopes of getting more people to adopt bicycling Read more

May 102015
The Aftermath in Nepal: How the Red Cross is Facing Huge Health Challenges

Historic Dharahara tower in Katmandu was destroyed in the now-famous 1934 Nepal–Bihar earthquake, then rebuilt.  Last week, it was destroyed again.  The UNESCO site, topped by a bronze Shiva, collapsed into  a pile of rubble along with everything else around it after the April 25 earthquake shook the region. It’s been 80 years since an earthquake of Read more

Apr 292015
9 surprising facts about Ebola

Why is Ebola so important?  Has it come back?  Is it more like the flu or more like HIV? And most importantly, what are people saying about it? At where millions of people visit every month for answers to their health questions or information about what other health consumers are saying all over the Web, Read more