Jul 232015
How to Uncover Unmet Patient Needs

“Unmet needs” is the mantra of every entrepreneur and large company innovation team, and of course, pharma is no different. The key to growth for any business is to uncover unmet needs in a target client segment, and then develop and launch a solution. For pharma companies, solutions to unmet needs can mean a reduction Read more

Jul 162015
Analyzing the Effect of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on Health Consumers' Conversations

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge took center stage on social media in July 2014, with over 2.4 million videos on Facebook and 1 billion views on YouTube. The campaign went viral very quickly and became a sensation that involved every day social media users and celebrities. The campaign raised $220 million for ALS research and Read more

Jul 092015
Treato CEO Connects the Patient Voice with Better Health Outcomes

For every patient sharing information on social media, there are ten people reading those personal experiences and bits of advice, looking for health information that can help them make decisions, said Ido Hadari in his recent presentation at Stanford Medicine X. The combination of big data analytics and millions of patient and caregiver conversations on Read more

Jun 252015
Debunking the Myths around Vaccines (and vaccine discussions)

With vaccines a hot button issue for many parents, and with emotions often outplaying science as a decision factor,  Media Planet recently launched a series of articles about vaccine awareness that was distributed with USA Today. Treato, along with other organizations including the American Academy of Pediatrics, the NFID, and actress and advocate Amanda Peet, Read more

Jun 172015
In PM360: How Social Listening Impacts Pharma

In this article authored by Treato’s CMO and Chief Consumer Officer, Christine Petersen, there are five concrete examples of how pharma marketers can take social media listening to the next level, gaining key strategic inputs for their programs. Learn how pharma companies have used insights to aid them in Pre-launch strategy Creating effective messaging for Read more